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Effect of Stacking Orientation on the Electronic and Optical Properties of Polar 2D III-Nitride Bilayers
N. Sanders, M. Zhang, K. Mengle, L. Qi, E. Kioupakis, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 125 (2021) 16837-16842

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Screening of generalized stacking fault energies, surface energies and intrinsic ductile potency of refractory multicomponent alloys,
Y.J. Hu, A. Sundar, S. Ogata and L. Qi, Acta Materialia, 210 (2021) 116800
Data available on Materials Commons


Substitutional adsorptions of chloride at grain boundary sites on hydroxylated alumina surfaces initialize localized corrosion,
A. Sundar, G. Chen and L. Qi, npj Materials Degroadation, 5 (2021) 18

passive oxide

Stability of native point defects in α-Al2O3 under electrochemical conditionss,
A. Sundar and L. Qi, J. Appl. Electrochem. 51, 639-651 (2021)

Twin nucleation from a single <c+a> dislocation in hexagonal close-packed crystals,
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Dislocation cross-slip in precipitation hardened Mg-Nd alloys,
J. Huang, C. Yang, J. E. Allison, L. Qi, and A. Misra, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 859 (2020) 157858


Irradiation-Induced Extremes Create Hierarchical Face-Body-Centered-Cubic Phases in Nanostructured High Entropy Alloys,
L. Jiang, Y. J. Hu, K. Sun, P. Xiu, M. Song, Y. Zhang, W. L. Boldman, M. L. Crespillo, P. D. Rack, L. Qi, W. J. Weber, and L. Wang, Advanced Materials, 32 Issue 39 (2020) 2002652

Grain boundary structure search by using an evolutionary algorithm with effective mutation methods,
C. Yang, M. Zhang, L. Qi, Computational Materials Science, 184 (2020) 109812

grain boundaries

Predicting densities and elastic moduli of SiO2-based glasses by machine learning,
Y.J. Hu, G. Zhao, M.F. Zhang, B. Bin, T. Del Rose, Q. Zhao, Q. Zu, Y. Chen, X. Sun, M. de Jong and L. Qi, npj Computational Materials, 6 (2020) Article number: 25
Data available on Materials Commons

glass prediction

Mechanisms of GaN quantum dot formation during nitridation of Ga droplets,
H. Lu, C. Reese, S. Jeon, A. Sundar, Y. Fan, E. Rizzi, Y. Zhuo, L. Qi, and R. S. Goldman, Appl. Phys. Lett. 116 (2020) 062107


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Local electronic descriptors for solute-defect interactions in bcc refractory metals,
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Data available on Materials Cloud and Materials Commons

defect solute interactions

First-principles Search for Alloying Elements that Increase Corrosion Resistance of Mg with Second-Phase Particles of Transition Metal Impurities,
M.F. Zhang, L. G. Hector, Jr., Y. Guo, M. Liu and L. Qi, Computational Materials Science 165 (2019): 154-166.


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Modified embedded-atom method potential of niobium for studies on mechanical properties,
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Tuning Hydrogen Adsorption On Pure And Doped ZnO (000-1) Surfaces By A Simple Electron Counting Model,
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PRISMS: An Integrated, Open-Source Framework for Accelerating Predictive Structural Materials Science,
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Sustainable p-type copper selenide solar material with ultra-large absorption coefficient,
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